Staging Your Home

Why Stage Your Home?

  • Staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes.
  • Staging your home makes it stand out when compared with non-staged homes in the same price range.
  • Your investment in staging your home now is less than the price reduction you may have to accept later.
  • Buyer’s Agents tend to show staged homes more because they are ready to sell.

How Home Staging Works

  • It identifies your home’s positive aspects and what needs to be improved.
  • It identifies imperfections and how to minimize them.
  • Suggests how to “de-clutter” your home to make it seem more spacious.
  • Recommends how to properly place furniture.
  • Creates a plan for you to follow to prepare your home for sale.

It is important for your property to make the best possible impression on prospective buyers in order to sell it for the highest possible price.

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Looking to Sell Your House?

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