Making an Offer

When you view a home on the market that you really want, you can hardly wait to be handed the keys. In fact, you may worry that the property will somehow slip through your fingers. Don’t be. You’ve got an expert by your side. Me. My job, as your real estate agent, is to ensure you get that home – and at a price that works for you.

We’ll determine the price you want to offer.

  • The price the seller is asking may or may not reflect realistic market value.
  • The best way to determine market value is to do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). The CMA will identify similar properties that have recently sold, those that are currently active on the market, and those that have failed to sell.
  • I’ll discuss with you an estimate of costs associated with purchasing the property.

We’ll decide on financing.

  • We will review the status of your pre-approval.
  • We’ll work together with your loan officer to explain financing options and help you determine the mortgage plan that best fits your requirements.

We’ll consider other issues that are important to you.

  • Items of personal property you may want included in the sale.
  • Inspections, repairs and home warranties.
  • Closing date and possession.

I will present your offer.

  • The seller will have three options – accept your offer as presented, reject it completely, or to propose adjustments to your offer (make a counteroffer).
  • If there is a counteroffer, you can choose whether accept it, reject it, or make your own counteroffer.

Once you have reached agreement with the seller, you have a firm contract to purchase your new home!

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